MK Technology Gmbh produces vacuum chambers in various versions and sizes. These offer the following advantages:

- Solid construction, steel wall thickness up to 20 mm, door thickness 40 mm
- Reusable cups and funnels
- Electronic differential pressure system
- Precise pre-selection of pressure by go-to function
- Easy program memory
- Time saving by automatic silicone de-gassing
- Perfect visibility through large glass doors and transparent cups
- Chamber and components: Made in Germany


chamber short description

max cast weight [g]

max mould

size [mm]



MK_mini This system has been designed for smaller companies, universities and training facilities. Electronics and luxury was deliberately renounced and this way, a solid and very compact machine was created. It is operated manually, which allows a very precise casting even of small quantities. The system is delivered with two heating cabinets and the tool set at an unrivalled favourable price – you can safe the rest. 1400 450x470x400

MKV_system_1 With a casting weight of more than 1 kg, System 1 is perfect for most of the classical rapid tooling applications. It can additionally be equipped with a heating cup to manufacture wax cores for metal investment casting. 1400 450x470x400

MKV_system_2_eco Easy installation, operation and maintenance, compact and good value. Mechanical 3-way valve pressure control, electrical mixing and tilting. 6000 850x870x800

MKV_system_2 In this chamber, which is basically structured like System 1, components can be manufactured which are twice as large. The whole cup unit can be pulled out for easy charging, mixing and tilting speed are infinitely variable. 6000 850x870x800

MKV_system_2_XL Side door for big parts, extractable mixing unit, separate pre-evacuation chamber, pressure frame for gravitation cast, removable. Differential pressure system and roller conveyor as standard equipment. 6000 2080x1000x1000

MKV_system_3 This system contains two systems: two Systems 2, to be precise. Each of these systems can be operated autonomously and independent from the other one in order to mould parts up to the size of a television casing. If the size of one chamber is not big enough, both units can be combined automatically to a big chamber by just one touch of a button. Parts up to a length of 2.5 meters and 10 kg overall weight can be cast in this chamber. The system is charge though the side door. 12000 2680x1000x650



Differential pressure system

The advantages of the differential pressure system


If required, MK equips all chambers from System 1 upwards with the so-called Differential Pressure System. Compared to pure gravity casting, this process has the following advantages:



- Even very sophisticated, complex, very long and thin moulds can be filled perfectly.

- High-viscosity resins as well as fibre-filled resins can be processed without problems.

- Resins with a very short pot life (up to 2 min.) can be easily cast,

- The sprue can be much smaller, which reduces the time for rework.


Maximum pressure difference: 100 mbar

Development of pressure difference: 10 - 60 sec.

Neutralization of pressure difference: > 1 sec.


Filling time compared to gravitation casting: 1/3

If a vacuum machine is equipped with the differential pressure system, the upper chamber containing the casting and mixing unit is separated from the lower mould chamber by a steel rib. The casting funnel passes through this rib. When the differential pressure system is switched on the upper chamber is flooded to a pre-selected differential pressure up to 100 mbar. As there is still almost a complete vacuum in the lower chamber, the resin is pressed into the mould, accelerated by the differential pressure system.


Heating cup

Application of the heating cup

The practical value of the vacuum chamber can be increased tremendously by applying the heating cup. Now wax patterns can also be made using the same technology and the same silicone moulds. While the investment casting industry continues to grow, there is an ever increasing demand for quality wax patterns.

Temperature: 30° - 120° C

Capacity: 1.3 or 6 ltr.


Turning table

The advantages of the turning table

- evacuation of several moulds

- turning table to be mounted by a single operation

- height-adjustable by means of a lift


- practical and time-saving

With the aid of the turning table, several moulds can be filled during the evacuation process. The appropriate quantity of resin is filled into the funnel and flows into the mould below. Then the next mould is positioned under the drain by means of a key switch, and filled. Especially resins with a longer pot life are suitable for this process. The turning table can also be mounted later on by a single operation, provided that the system has been ordered with the respective preparation. In connection with the lift, the whole unit can also be adjusted vertically.

Vacuum casting resins

code description



mix ratio 






flexural modulus




tech data

VC3300 Three component, variable shore A hardness. Simulates rubber. 450-900 variable 2-2,5 (40°C) 35 to 95 A - -


VC3351 UV stable water clear. Simulates PC, shock resistant PMMA and ABS. 100-350  100 : 120   8-10 (25°C)  75-80 D 2150-2450  86-90   
VC3360 Translucent, high modulus and heat resistance. Simulates nylon.  600-900  100 : 120  3-4 (40°C)   80-85 D  3000 82-87   
VC3362  Simulates ABS. 280-380  100 : 100  3,5-4,5 (25°C)   87-92 D  2400-2700 110-114   
VC3364 Brilliant white, simulates shock resistance PMMA and ABS. 500-850  100 : 100  7-10 (25°C)   82-87 D 2300-2750   65-70  
VC3365 Glass filled, very rigid. Simulates polyamides 500-1000  100 : 110  3-4 (40°C)   87-92 D 2900-3300  90-95   
VC3385 Impact resistance and elasticity. UL94 V-0 500-800 100 : 120  7-8 (25°C)   85-90 D  2250-2750  97-101  
VC3391 Translucent, cost effective, simulates ABS and some PS.   260-340 100 : 110  2-3 (40°C)   83-88 D  2300-2600 68-72   
VC3392 Temperature and impact resistance. Similulates ABS  600-1000  100 : 150 6-9 (25°C)   80-85 D  1100-1300 137-142   
VC3398 UV resistant, clear, mercury free. Simulates PC, PMMA, ABS  100-300  100 : 140 6,5-7,5 (25°C)   85-90 D 1500-2000  130-140   
VC3399 Very high temperature and impact resistance. Simulates PC, PMMA, ABS   300-500 100 : 130  5,5-7,5 (25°C)   85-90 D 1950-2250  150-160   
Renishaw SG95 ABS-type, excellent optical properties. Snap closures, low temperature applications. A 1300 / B 130 100 : 150 5 74-82 D 2400 68  
Renishaw 8051 ABS-type, high temperature resistance, strong flexing properties. Panels, enclosures. A 750 / B 180 100 : 200 5 77-84 D 2200 90