Who we are

Chemix, a young and dynamic private company with experience in the development and production of epoxy and urethane resins, offers adhesives, epoxy resins, polyurethanes, elastomers, foams, composite materials, as well as a wide range of auxiliary products. The Chemix products serve many industries such as Automotive, Motorsports, Aerospace, Tooling, Nautica, Prototyping, Composites, Design, Electric, Foundry, Construction. The company has a modern equipped laboratory for the physical characterization, thermal analysis and mechanical tests; production units with mixing and dispersion equipment, packaging and storage. We are in Golasecca, in the green Park of Ticino, 5 km from the A8 motorway and 10km from Milan Malpensa International Airport.

Research and innovation

Chemix offers over 18 years of experience in reactive high-performance polymers. Through constant innovation and development, we provide a wide range of polyurethane and epoxy systems. We devote significant resources to the development of ever more efficient systems with a continued investment of profits in technologically advanced equipment and instrumentation.

Production of systems

We produce our specialties with techniques of mixing or high-speed dispersion, in pressure or in vacuum, reproducing exactly what has been previously achieved  in laboratory. We realize products from very low viscosity up to thixotropic pastes. Structure, organization and flexibility allow us to produce high-performance products and customized, with lots of production from 200kg.

Respect for the environment

Chemix seriously takes on the responsibility to protect the environment. It is constantly striving to reduce the environmental impact and find innovative solutions for products, to benefit the environment. We are focused mainly in the reduction of solvents and water from production cycles, the restriction of use of volatile organic compounds and air pollutants.


Over the years Chemix has established partnerships with international companies leaders in their field, confirming its collaboration with Trelleborg AEM for the distribution of epoxy tooling boards, hollow glass microspheres, syntactic foams; with Necumer Gmbh for polyurethane boards and blocks, with MK Technology for rapid prototyping machine.