Epoxy gelcoats

Special thixotropic products, with epoxy matrix, designed for surface coat layer in the manufacture of molds and equipment in epoxy. Characterized by high surface hardness, chemical resistance, temperature resistance. Generally applied on the model, by brush, before the casting or lamination; room temperature curing, they doesn't slump down from vertical walls and allow to obtain a detailed surface coating, homogeneous and resistant.


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Contains iron, tough, resistant on the corners. Recommended for the production of polyurethane foams molds, foundry patterns and vacuum forming tools. 


black 88 - 92 110 - 115


It contains no abrasive mineral fillers, excellent finishing, solvent-resistant, easy sandable. Designed for the production of models, masks, negatives and electroforming tools. 

white 86 - 90 50 - 60

It contains silicon carbide, excellent abrasion and solvent resistance, long duration. Cured product is not machinable. Designed for use in foundry patterns, masks, control gauges, copy models.
blue 85 - 89 116 - 122

Contains aluminum, excellent resistance to high temperatures, can be polished. Recommended for prepreg tools, RTM, RIM and PU molds, vacuum forming tools, negatives where high surface finish is required.
grey 80 - 85 150 - 160