Bomix® Release Agents for Mobility


Bomix® Aqua Release Agents guarantee an excellent separating effect for the production of PU moulded parts in the mobility sector – and offer interesting additional effects. Through the use of the Bomix® Aqua Release Agents alone, effects such as gloss level, visuals and haptic can be realised without a special pre-treatment of the mould surfaces. In this area, BOMIX is one of the leading players of innovations for customised and environmentally-friendly product solutions for the automotive industry. Covering PU; for BOMIX this means high-quality surface refinement and common development of individual solutions for every challenge – economical, sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Bomix® Aqua Release Agents are compatible with a range of different applications and can be adapted to the individual PU foam system as well as the coating and/or In-Mould- Coating-systems that are used. They cover an extensive moulding temperature range of 30°C – 200°C. All of the current application techniques can be used to apply the product – low-pressure air-mix systems, robots or electrostatics. An easy handling and clean demoulding of the PU components is guaranteed.

Bomix® Aqua Release Agents ensure the highest degree of efficiency with low use. This results in a sustainable contribution to the protection of the environment.
Bomix® A-PU-Antiblock: A = Aqua, water-based solutions, available in product versions which contain silicone or are silicone-free

Bomix® Aqua Release Agents (Bomix® A-PU-Antiblock product series) design the character of substrates and in this way, they create unique components. The solutions are used at numerous automotive manufacturers all over the world. Existing approvals simplify the implementation. Applications in the automotive industry include steering wheels, engine covers, wire harness, gear knobs, head rests and noise absorbers (EA foam).

 Function and design: Low gloss level values (ultra matt, adjustable) and high-quality haptic
 Process optimisation: Exceptionally high yield and cost efficiency
 Easy handling: Wide application range and fast drying
 Sustainable: Low consumption, low VOC value, improved working environment, minimum damage to the environment
 High processing safety: Consistent cycle times, excellent reproducibility
 Customised solutions and universal use




 Product examples
Bomix® Release Agents

Bomix® A-PU-Antiblock 7/B75-6/X

(suitable for integral foam with or without IMC)

Semi-matt / unique visuals and haptics
Bomix® A-PU-Antiblock 7/F47-7 Satin gloss / unique visuals and haptics /
Subsequently bondability / laminate and varnishing
Bomix® A-PU-Antiblock 7/C82-6 Satin gloss / tin-free / not classified as hazardous
Bomix® A-PU-Antiblock 7/C88-6 Semi-matt / tin-free / not classified as hazardous
Bomix® A-PU-Antiblock 7/C91-6 Semi-matt / tin-free / VOC-free
Bomix® A-PU-Antiblock 7/C94-6 Gloss / tin-free / VOC-free
Bomix® A-PU-Antiblock 7/D20-6 Semi-matt / unique visuals and haptics / concentrate
Bomix® A-PU-Antiblock 7/E58-7 Gloss / good adhesion in the leather wrapping process

Bomix® A-PU-Antiblock 6/428-5

(suitable for engine covers)

Integral foam / silicon free

Bomix® A-PU-Antiblock 7/G10-7

(suitable for head rests)

Flexible foam
Field of applications:
Integral foam and flexible foam systems
with or without In-Mould Coating
e.g. steering wheels, engine covers and gear knobs,
seats, head rests
Special features:
 Low gloss level values (ultra matt surfaces)
 High-quality, individual haptic
 Easy handling, process-safe
 Sustainable, improved working environment and safety,
minimum damage to the environment
 Temperature- and shear-stability
 Frost-stable water-based formulations
Approved by leading automotive suppliers (Tier 1)