Production of systems

We produce our specialties with techniques of mixing or high-speed dispersion, in pressure or in vacuum, reproducing exactly what has been achieved previously in laboratory. We realize products from very low viscosity up to thixotropic pastes. Struct

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Research & innovation

Chemix offers over 15 years of experience in reactive high-performance polymers. Through constant innovation and development, we provide a wide range of polyurethane and epoxy systems. We devote significant resources to the development of ever more e

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Respect for the environment

Chemix seriously takes on the responsibility to protect the environment. It is constantly striving to reduce the environmental impact and find innovative solutions for products, to benefit the environment. We are mainly focused in the reduction of s

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Advanced polymer technology


A passion for chemistry 

Chemix Srl is a young and dynamic private company with over 20 years experience in reactive polymers. We are specialized in the development and production of epoxy and urethane resins. Everything revolves around our technical knowledge: basic chemistry, familiarity with raw materials and additives on the market, processing capacity, experience in end-use of the products. If we add a proven ability to evolve according to the market, the instant response to requests, the flexibility of the laboratory, the production and the dispatch speed, everything is done. Contact us, we will welcome your requests and we will try to solve your technical problems and meet your commercial demands.


What we do

Knowledge of materials has been


necessary for designers. Our activity is to formulate and produce systems that, provided to the end-users, are transformed into polymers. Starting from raw materials which are suitably mixed and modified with fillers, rheology modifiers, wetting agents, diluents, pigmens, air release, antifoam, adhesion promoters and other  additives, we obtain products which differ in viscosity, thixotropy, hardness, flexural modulus, elongation, adhesiveness, workability, thermal stability. Each application requires specific properties, depending on the final characteristics required to the polymer, of the application system with or without machine, of environmental conditions. Small differences in chemical-physical parameters can result in large benefits or huge problems to the end user. The collaboration designer-user is of paramount importance to achieve successful products.



Hundreds of applications

We touch every day new markets and applications, this is a source of enthusiasm and energy to face growing challenges. Main markets are Automotive, Racing, Aerospace, Marine, Construction, Composite, Design.

Industrial applications include electrical encapsulation, polyurethane foams, shoes, urethane molds, plaster and concrete molds, foundry patterns, ceramics, spin casting, styling models, tooling, thermoforming, bonding, marble treatment, abrasives, rapid prototyping. 


High performance products

Our offer is made from a wide variety of materials and solutions, among which we mention urethane fast-cast and mass-cast, clear-cast, foams, cast-elastomers, vacuum-grade; epoxy hand lay-up resins, RTM, infusion, casting compounds, hot-curing systems, syntactic pastes, gelcoats; structural adhesives; marble and stone consolidants; self-levelling flooring systems, primers, putties, top-coating. 

Following products are also availables, to complete the range: epoxy tooling boards. styling and modelling urethane boards;  Syntac plug assist materials; unsatured polyester resins and gelcoat; RTV silicones, release agents, pigment paste, high temperature sheet wax, solvents, cleaners, inorganic and metallic fillers, glass bubbles, vacuum casting machine.  


Epoxy resins


Model boards


02 Aug 2022

New release agents for composites

Vantage 8000 Semi-permanent release agent in solvent. The product creates a lasting film that allows multiple d...
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