Polyurethanes are extremely versatile materials, both for their processing characteristics, than for the variety of finished products that can be produced. Mainly they differ in rigid foams, semi-rigid, integral, flexible, microcellular, Rim.

Rigid expanded foams

Chemix produces rigid self-expanding closed-cell polyurethane systems, with free-rise density from 50 to 500 g/l, cream time from 20 to 90 seconds, superior cellular structure and distribution, excellent dimensional stability. Given their thermal insulation properties are used in construction, in the insulation of tanks, pipes, refrigerators, as well as in the production of molded medium density items as wood-imitation in furniture, frames.

Rigid compact

Systems used to make items of furniture and design, bodies of industrial machines.


The RIM systems (Reaction Injection Molding) allow the production of parts extremely strong, resistant to shock and bending, dimensionally stable, such as car bumpers, vehicle and industrial machinery parts.