Urethane blocks

In tool making, NECURON® materials can be applied to make metal bending and stretch tools, foundry patterns, core boxes, laminate moulds, jigs and fixtures.

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Epoxy blocks 

Trelleborg® syntactic epoxy blocks, used in the advanced composite material industry for the production of high precision models and molds. These materials are characterized by density 0.7 resistance at temperatures up to 230°C, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high dimensional stability.

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Plug Assist materials

A range of syntactic foams Syntac® for thermoforming. Easy to machine, the material maintains its shape at elevated temperatures, and therefore can be used to form a wide range of polymers: PS, PE, PVC, APET, CPET. Also, its low density and low dielectric enable this material to be used in other applications, such as aerospace.

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