Solvents, foaming agents, dispersants, stabilizers, sheetwax

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Solwax Plus Degreaser for iron, steel, aluminum.

Paraffinic hydrocarbons

In many applications it replaces trichlorethylene, white spirit, petroleum and naphtha, methylene chloride, perchlorethylene and similar solvents 0,75

Estere dibasico Non-toxic, non-harmful, non-volatile, non-flammable, 100% biodegradable solvent.

Dimethyl esters of fatty acids

Suitable for washing the mixing chambers of low pressure foaming machines in the polyurethane sector, washing tanks and mixing equipment 1.08   
MEK Colorless and flammable solvent. Methylethylketone General purpose solvent 0.81 
Acetone Colorless and flammable solvent with characteristic odor, miscible with water, ethanol, ether Acetone  General purpose solvent 0.79
Cloruro metilene Colorless and volatile solvent with a sweet smell. Dichloromethane General purpose solvent. Blowing agent. 1.32 
ChemSurf A22 Liquid foaming agent that can be diluted in both fresh and salt water, produces a foam that reduces the permeability of the soil and gives stability to the excavation, reduces the friction between clay and metal surfaces. Quickly biodegradable and non-polluting for the environment. Anionic surfactants Treatment of clayey and sandy soils in mines and tunnels dug with full section mechanical cutter. Soil treatment during mechanized excavation with EBP machines.  1.04
ChemSurf H38 It produces very stable foams and can be used with both clean and salt water, even with high hardness. Injectable in any type of soil, prevents clay agglomeration and obstructions in the shield and excavation chamber of EPB machines. Effective against dust, rapidly biodegradable and non-polluting for the environment. Anionic surfactants Soil treatment during mechanized excavation with EPB machines. Excavations in the coal mines.  1.04
ChemCryl Liquid synthetic polymer with high molecular weight, non-toxic and non-flammable, milky, easily dispersible in water, which hydrolyzing generates clear, high viscosity solutions. Excellent lubricant, reduces torsional friction and wear. Acrylamide-acrylate polymer Designed for sludge treatment and civil engineering works. Perforations, thickening of sludge, clarification of waste water 1.05 
ChemSperse High-performance liquid dispersant, ready to use, not affected by water hardness and thermal excursions. Modified polycarboxylates

Designed for the treatment of clayey soils, gypsum, bentonite mud, kaolin and other cohesive materials. Excavation work with TBM and sludge thickening, soil stabilization.

Cere calibrate Wax in flexible sheets treated on one side with contact adhesive. Resistant to high temperatures, they are suitable for use with lamination or casting resins that develop heat Waxes with a high melting point 130°C Used to create thickness differences between model and mold