Universal series

Liquid pigment pastes characterized by high light stability, compatible with most thermosetting resins on the market. Low sedimentation, solvent free, free from toxic pigments. Recommended for mass pigmentation of polyester resins and gelcoats, epoxy resins. Recommended dosage: 0.1-0.2% for transparency effect, 5% for covering color. Available in primary colors and, on request, RAL® or Pantone®.


Pur series

Liquid pigment pastes composed of organic and / or inorganic pigments, dispersed in plasticizers or polyether polyols (PUR-polyol Series) and polymeric wetting agents. These products are free of phthalates and heavy metals. Designed for coloring polyurethane systems. Recommended dosage: 5% by weight. Available in primary colors or, on request, RAL® or Pantone®.                                                 

Aquatec series

The Aquatec series is a line of universal water-based dyes made with the most advanced technology available today. Characterized by low viscosity, high concentration of pigments, high stability to sedimentation, flocculation and flotation of pigments. Free of VOCs and heavy metals. Suitable for the pigmentation of water-based systems with an epoxy, urethane and styrene-acrylic matrix.


DyeSol Series

The DYESOL series is a line of dyes in solution characterized by high light fastness (6-7), heat stability (up to 240 ° C) and low migration, especially if applied with some polyurethane resins that fix the dye in their structure. molecular. The high coloring power of the preparations allows their use in low percentages (1%). High solubility in DMF, glycol ethers, glycols and water. Indicated for the pigmentation of thermosetting resins.


Pastes in solvent

Solvent-based coloring pastes compatible with synthetic, epoxy, polyurethane (acrylic and polyester) and nitro enamels.