MDI elastomer

Compact polyurethane elastomer, 50 Shore A hardness, 90 seconds gel-time, designed for mechanical dosage and mixing. Characterized by high elongation and tear resista...
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Compact urethane

PU 9005 is a rigid, compact, slightly thixotropic polyurethane system, designed for surface coating of printing rollers. Hardness 80 Shore D, can be colored on reques...
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Clear-cast Urethane

New range of clear cast polyurethanes Series 8095: compatible with polyaddition and polycondensation silicone molds, pot life from 5 minutes to 4-6 hours, excellent r...
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Transparent epoxy for mass casting

Very slow reaction system, colorless, excellent resistance to yellowing. Designed to create transparent castings in thickness up to 80mm, tables, sculptures, desigh i...
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