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Allumina triidrata


Inert white powder with low water content, easily workable, reduces dimensional shrinkage and the heat of reaction. Flame retardant. Polyurethanes, unsaturated polyesters, epoxies 20µm [d50]

F30 Calcio carbonato High gloss and chemical purity. Its physical and chemical properties allow it to be used in all industrial applications. Paints, fillers, adhesives, casting resins 5µm

F18 Talco naturale Lamellar structure, high fineness and whiteness, thickening properties.

    Paints, putties


F20 Bario solfato naturale High gloss and properties similar to Precipitated Barium Sulphate, particularly suitable for systems that require chemical and physical inertness and resistance. Coating, thermosetting resins 3µm [d50]

F04 Fumed silica Characterized by extremely small particles, high purity and tendency to form chains, it comes in the form of a white, light and soft powder and is used in many applications and sectors for the control of rheology, as a reinforcing and anti-settling filler. Adhesives, sealants, coatings, composites 0.2-0.3µm

F51 Grafite Powder based on natural graphite anthracite, characterized by conductivity and resistance to temperature. Foundry, brakes, resins, adhesives, rubbers, coatings 75µm

F13 Quarzo ventilato Quartz powder, high degree of hardness and abrasiveness. Flooring, mortars, adhesives, fillers, sealants 100µm


Quarzo sferico Monocrystalline quartz, round of alluvial origin, having characteristics of high hardness, resistance to heat and pressures up to 3t/cm2. Flooring, molds, casting systems

da 0.1 a 3.0mm


Alluminio atomizzato Atomised aluminum thanks to its high thermal conductivity is used as a filler for thermosetting resins. Casting systems, adhesives, connecting layers.



Alluminio granuli It allows a high resin / inert ratio, decreases dimensional shrinkage, reaction heat, promotes rapid heat exchange. Highly loaded casting systems.



Ferro polvere It gives to the polymer surface hardness and high mechanical resistance. Casting systems, adhesives, molds. 100µm


Microsfere cave in vetro Gray, inert, light, hard. They reduce the weight of resins, rubbers, concrete. They improve sliding, reduce dimensional shrinkage. phenolic, epoxy,


Microsfere cave in riolite espansa Light but free flowing white powder, inert, non-toxic, incombustible, non-hygroscopic, insoluble in water and solvents. mastics, putties, coatings, casting systems 200µm


Microsfere fenoliche cave Red-brown color, easily workable, designed to reduce the specific weight of plastics, rubber, resins. syntactic pastes, adhesives, sealants and putties 90µm


Fiocco di cotone Cellulose microfibers with reinforcing, thickening and anti-cracking characteristics. construction, adhesives, rubber, coating 300µm


Chopped strands 3mm Fiberglass strands 3 mm lenght. Structural reinforcements, fillers, adhesives. 3.0mm