Confor® energy absorbing foam

CONFOR® foams offer a unique combination of properties that are ideal for high energy-absorption applications, enabling them to absorb and dissipate shock and impact. CONFOR® foams are also used in comfort management and protective padding applications.
CONFOR® is an open-celled urethane foam, which is breathable, non-irritating in dermal contact, and help dissipate moisture and perspiration from the body – this makes it ideal for medical and body contact cushioning applications. CONFOR® is available in two grades: CONFOR® M – for most high performance foam applications, and CONFOR® AC – designed primarily for the aerospace industry. Main applications are: headrest and cockpit protection for motorsport; seat cushions for gliders, sailplanes and light aircraft; bulk protection and cruise seats in aerospace; protective packaging for electronic devices; padding and antidecubitus beds in medical. RoHS compliant, FIA approved.
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Confor® is a Trelleborg registered trademark.